Facility Controls
Facility Controls
  • The XWeb is extremely well suited for medium installations up to 36 or 100 devices, such as at petrol stations, supermarkets or storage centers.
  • Its innovative and useful features make the instrument suitable for medium-large applications such as production and storage goods centers. It comes in useful versions: DIN Rail or wall or panel mounting, but can also be used as a desk instrument. Local or remote connection from PC is made without the need of special software, only standard web browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer® or Firefox®) software is needed; the information is displayed as a Web page.
  • Monitoring and controlling web server connectable to Dixell’s controllers with serial output or to others ModBUS-RTU compatible devices
  • The unit can operate as a stand-alone server by means of the local keyboard and display
  • 200MHz CPU, 48MB internal memory (36 controllers) and 128MB internal memory (100 controllers)
  • 24Vac power supply (XWEB500D only) or 110, 230Vac ±10%
  • 1 LAN output, 1 USB output (XWEB500D) – 2 USB outputs (XWEB500)
  • 1 RS485 serial line for device (ModBUS – RTU) connection, 1 RS232 output for external modem connection
  • 1 digital input, Sampling time programmable from 1 to 60 minutes; 1 system alarm relay output, 2 RS485 alarm relay outputs
  • Optional analogue internal modem or GSM
  • 48MB or 128MB internal memory to store 1 year of data with 15min sampling time (36 or 100 controllers)
  • Standard communication protocol ModBUS-RTU, 15VA max power absorption for XWEB500D and 20VA max power absorption for XWEB500