iPro HVAC and Lighting Controller
iPro HVAC and Lighting Controller 

Offering proven strategies for energy savings in both lighting and HVAC systems, Emerson's iPro is the perfect solution for energy conscious small footprint retailers. Access iPro parameters, perform schedule changes and enable ProAct® monitoring and other remote services via the XWeb supervisory platform.

Lighting Control

  • Features five dedicated relays to serve multiple lighting zones from a single controller.  
  • Combines scheduling functionality with light level sensor technology to efficiently accommodate both indoor and outdoor needs.
  • Reduces energy consumption when programmed to dim or turn off lights whenever possible.

HVAC Control

  • Controls up to two HVAC units to maintain a comfortable dining or shopping environment while reducing energy costs.
  • Facility operators can schedule setpoint offsets during times of low or no occupancy. Each degree offset is equivalent to about 5% demand reduction.
  • Utilizing the iPro's remote communication capabilities, retailers can adjust and maintain temperature setpoints without going on site.
  • A graphical display is an option for on-site HVAC control and access to lighting configurations.

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