CoreSense Technology
CoreSense™ Technology

CoreSense technology is an innovative technology that uses the Copeland™ compressor as a sensor to unlock advanced capabilities such as Protection, Diagnostics, Communication, Verification, etc. With in-depth system information, technicians can make faster, more accurate decisions resulting in improved compressor performance and reliability. This means contractors, homeowners, and businesses alike save valuable time and money.

CoreSense technology will be first introduced  together with the new generation of semi-hermetic compressors 'Stream' in Europe. This technology will also be introduced step by step in the Scroll compressors for refrigeration, air conditioning and heating applications.

CoreSense™ Diagnostics for Semi Hermetic Stream Compressors - Ensuring Best Performance over Full Life Time

Emerson CoreSense Diagnostics is an electronic platform for Copeland Stream refrigeration compressors. It goes beyond compressor protection by assisting in system diagnosis and optimization. Providing service engineers with detailed information at the right time, system related problems can be diagnosed faster or even before they occur. Supermarket operators benefit from increased system uptime, reduction in food loss and reduced maintenance costs. 

With active protection, advanced algorithms, and features like fault history and LED indicators, CoreSense Diagnostics for Copeland compressors enables technicians to diagnose the past and recent state of the system, allowing for quicker, more accurate diagnostics and less down time.

With Emerson CoreSense Diagnostics, you enable the team that builds, maintains and operates the refrigeration system to leverage on the best available compressor technology.

Technical Specification
  • Power Supply 120/240 VAC
  • Communication Protocol (Modbus® RTU)
  • Bus to system Controller: RS 485, 3-wire, (+,-,GND)
  • Front end: 2 x LED. red/yellow, green
  • Discharge Temp Sensor
  • Sensor Module and Current Sensor
  • Flash Memory
  • Alarm reset button
  • IP 54 rating

Basic Features

  • Motor Temp Protection
  • Oil Protection

Advanced Features

  • Missing Phase or Single Phasing Protection
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Voltage Imbalance Protection
  • Discharge Temperature Protection
  • Locked Rotor Protection
  • Compressor Power Consumption Measurement
  • Modbus® Communication to system controller
  • Compressor Asset & Runtime information
  • Failure Alarm History
  • Status LEDs to indicate the warning, trip and lockout alarms
  • Crank Case Heater Control


  • Reduce Applied System Costs


  • Manage On-Site Compressor Data
  • Facilitate Predictive Maintenance

End Users

  • Reduce Maintenance Cost
  • Increase System Uptime/Reduces food loss