LT Scrolls
LT Scrolls

Supermarket retailers are continuously trying to cut costs and improve efficiency of their refrigeration systems: Copeland's new ZF EVI is the ideal solution for low temperature applications. The new ZF EVI scroll compressor has been specifically designed for vapor injection in low temperature applications. The optimized design of ZF EVI together with sub-cooling allows the compressor to gain up to 45% (1) cooling capacity and 27% (1) COP compared to standard scrolls with liquid injection . This makes ZF EVI the most efficient compressor on the market for low temperature applications. The advantages of scroll technology combined with the benefits of vapor injection:

  • Lower first cost: increased cooling capacity leads to use of smaller displacements or fewer compressors.
  • Lower operating cost: COP gains enable ZF EVI to outperform reciprocating compressors and reduce energy bills significantly.
  • Respect of the environment: improved efficiency allows for energy savings and reduced CO2 emissions.
  • Compactness: weight and dimensions of refrigeration equipment is reduced with increased capacity per compressor.
  • System stability: the EVI effect is proportional to the pressure ratio, therefore the delivered capacity better matches the load in summer and winter.
  • Managing oil return is simpler as a result of the compressors undergoing less cycling.