Air-conditioning systems in commercial buildings generally consume approximately 40-60 percent of electrical energy. Compressors, as a key component in the system, consume most of the energy used in air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. That means compressor selection is key to improving the overall efficiency of these systems. The inherent design of Copeland Scroll™ compressors makes them a preferred choice for energy efficiency.

Commercial Energy Cost Reductions

Emerson offers a wide range of scroll compressors that allow users to choose the right displacement for any air-conditioning system. Whether it's a fixed capacity scroll compressor, a tandem, or Copeland Scroll Digital™, users have the flexibility to choose from a wide range of reliable and energy efficient solution.

The Copeland scroll compressor is an industry leader in terms of energy efficiency. With the launch of variable capacity Copeland Scroll Digital, variable capacity air-conditioning systems can be made 40% more efficient than conventional systems. With the capacity range from 10-100%, it provides the broadest range of capacity modulation in the industry.

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