What is Copeland Scroll Digital
What is Copeland Scroll Digital™

The Copeland Scroll Digital™ compressor increases HVAC system efficiency by precisely matching compressor output to your heating or cooling needs which saves energy and reduces maintenance costs. Developed in 1993, the first application of this technology was in refrigerated marine containers in 1999. In 2000, the air-conditioning version of this technology was first launched in Asia. Today, over one million pieces of these compressors are working in the field all over the world in various premium applications and their reliability has been over 99.995%.

The technology behind the Copeland Scroll Digital is perfect for many environments. Capacity modulation between 10% and 100% can be achieved quickly and smoothly, meaning that it is perfect for buildings or rooms which experience widely varying loads or where precise temperature and humidity control is necessary. Furthermore, this technology can easily be applied to a variety of applications including Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems, rooftops, chillers, packaged and split units and also for special applications like computer room cooling.

Copeland Scroll Digital compressors are available from 10.3kW to 21.6kW and can also be applied in configurations using multiple compressors offering capacity ranges from 11.2kW to 224kW.

By offering a capacity range of 10%–100%, the Copeland Scroll Digital compressor doesn't need to start and stop as often as a traditional compressor. Because of this reduction in wear and tear, the compressor has enhanced reliability and requires less maintenance.