Copeland Scroll Digital™ Advantages
Copeland Scroll Digital™ Advantages

A Simple System

The beauty of the Copeland Scroll Digital™ Technology is in its inherent simplicity. This simple design and architecture means that there are fewer electronic and mechanical parts which translates into greater reliability, simpler maintenance and more flexibility in applications. Compared with existing technology, the Copeland Scroll Digital™ system can result in space savings of over 30% because of its simple design.


System reliability is a paramount concern for all global markets.  In developing markets, this can become even more challenging due to voltage fluctuations and training available for installation and service technicians.  Other modulation systems typically have complicated electronics which can create particular challenges in developing markets. This situation is made even more complicated by the use of various bypasses, such as hot gas bypasses and liquid bypasses, adding an added layer of complexity.

Capable of cooling or heating at capacities between 10% and 100%, the Copeland Scroll Digital™ is unmatched by any other compressor technology on the market today. The capacity output is continuous and seamless a vast improvement over inverter technology, which can only achieve variable outputs in steps. The seamless variability of the compressor output also allows for extremely accurate room temperature control. Finally, a wide capacity output contributes to the high seasonal efficiency of the system by reducing the number of energy-consuming compressor start-stops required.

Rapid pull down

The quick pull down of room temperature and swift adjustment to demands are essential factors for customer comfort. Because the Copeland Scroll Digital™ can adjust from 10% to 100% capacity (or vice versa) instantaneously by varying the relative durations of loaded and unloaded cycle times, it can react to changes in system demand much faster without having to pass through intermediate speed changes.

Negligible electromagnetic interference

Copeland Scroll Digital™ systems generate negligible electromagnetic interference because the loading and unloading of the scrolls are mechanical operations. This unique feature not only eliminates the need for expensive electromagnetic suppression electronics, but also adds to the reliability and simplicity of the system. This is an unmatched benefit for applications that are sensitive to electromagnetic emissions – in hospitals, telecom shelters or server rooms.

Energy Efficient

Copeland Scroll Digital™ technology is extremely intelligent and automatically adjusts its energy consumption according to the needs of the user. Studies show that by using an air-conditioning system using a Copeland Scroll Digital, consumers can reduce annual energy consumption by as much as 30-40%, and this translates into lower operating costs and greater savings.