Software is at the heart of the Intelligent Store™ architecture. Emerson's ProAct™ software provides powerful management tools to help retailers understand how their facilities are performing amongst each other, across the enterprise, and against key industry standards.

Alarm Management

  • Access alarm data from across an enterprise and see which stores have the most alarms to better prioritize maintenance resources

Sustainability & Compliance

  • Tools to help retailers manage their carbon footprint, measure and manage their refrigerant usage, and optimize product quality
  • Maintains compliance with relevant legal codes and requirements


  • Optimizes service calls to execute multiple work orders whenever possible
  • Saves maintenance dollars, reduces downtime and increases the efficiency of service providers

Setpoint Verification

  • Track setpoint changes, understand the financial impact of changes and restore unnecessary changes to benchmarks

Enhanced Facility Services

  • Monitor facility service requests to make your maintenance staff more efficient

Demand Response

  • Enables retailers to participate in profitable demand response programs offered by many utilities


  • Monitor energy usage throughout an enterprise to see which stores and areas use the most energy
  • Perform financial analysis to understand which supplier is best for a given region

Condition-based Maintenance

  • Automated equipment performance analysis, which proactively predicts certain component failures, slow refrigerant leaks, and non-optimal operating conditions
  • Ensures optimal operation while minimizing maintenance costs