Fuel Gas Boosting
Fuel Gas Boosting

Many industrial and commercial facilities require higher gas supply pressure than is available from adjacent gas utility pipelines or conventional onsite tank systems.  For example, modern gas turbines (Aeroderivative type) operate most efficiently with 700-1000 psi supply gas pressures. Because available gas pressures are much lower, fuel gas booster (FGB) compressors are needed to raise gas supply pressure feeding the gas turbine. FGB compressors must have a large turndown range and the ability to handle gas pressure fluctuations from the pipeline while delivering constant discharge pressure.
Emerson has extensive experience in engineering screw compressor systems for fuel gas boosting.  Vilter™ screw compressors can produce pressures up to 950 psi and do not have restrictions on suction pressure.  These solutions offer increased application flexibility, higher single-stage pressure capability, lower maintenance costs and reduced sound levels when compared to conventional compressor-based systems.  The key to the single screw compressor’s high energy efficiency is Vilter’s exclusive Parallex™ slide system, which allows the compressor to run at optimum efficiency across all operating and part-load conditions.  This saves power in applications where turndown and suction gas pressure fluctuation are factors.

Emerson also offers compressor control systems for automatic control of gas suction/discharge pressure and gas flow delivery rates.  The systems feature standardized equipment assemblies, configured for the specific application. Pressure and flow control systems are integrated to match specific site or process operating conditions. These systems can be deployed in a wide variety of industrial facilities and processes:

  • Power generation fuel gas (turbines, engines, fuel cells)
  • Testing and laboratories (universities, industrial and municipal facilities)
  • Process gas recovery (LNG boil off gas, helium, nitrogen, methane)
  • Industrial boilers and furnaces (process heating, steam generation)
  • Marginal gas well production
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