Emerson Launches New Commercial Air-conditioning and Cargo Solutions
Emerson Launches New Commercial Air-conditioning and Cargo Solutions
Enhance Comfort and Energy Conservation, and Protect Food Quality

Shanghai, China, May 3, 2017 – At 2017 China Refrigeration Expo (CRH 2017), with the theme of “Improve People's Lives”, Emerson (NYSE: EMR) unveiled the Next Generation 20-25HP compressor for large commercial air-conditioning application, which is specially designed for China chiller market, and the Cargo Solutions which offers cold chain solutions under one umbrella to safeguard the cargo food quality. The new product and solutions demonstrate Emerson's commitment to enable high performance buildings, and provide reliable and customized integrated cold chain solutions to protect food quality.

Mr. Hakan Erdamar, President, Asia, Middle East & Africa, for Emerson's Commercial and Residential Solutions platform, stated: "The market is changing every day, and customer needs keep upgrading as well. Emerson continues to concentrate in helping our customers address various challenges timely and effectively. With China remaining our second largest market in the world, Emerson insists the strategy of “in China, for China” and continue to invest in bringing home comfort, protecting food quality, and enabling high performance buildings, thus to introduce more innovative solutions to the market. "

Enable High Performance Buildings with Higher Energy Efficiency

Emerson Launches Next Generation 20-25HP Compressor

At present, with the Chinese government's guidance of achieving upgraded urbanization and green development, the development of green buildings characterized by energy conservation and low carbon emission is in the exploration of new dimension. In February, 2017, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development released the 13th Five-Year Plan for Building Energy Efficiency and Green Building Development , which emphasizes on “strengthening the industry supporting capability of energy-efficient building and green building materials products”, promotes the “development and application of air-conditioning cooling, heating, ventilation, renewable energy in energy-efficient buildings", and requires to develop evaluation standards and regulations on green buildings, so as to support the development of high performance green buildings.

In line with its development strategy of “in China, for China”, Emerson launches the Next Generation 20-25HP compressor for large commercial air-conditioning application, which is specially designed for China chiller market. This new product marks a proactive response of Emerson to the requirements of energy requirement adjustment in China, the call for environment protection, as well as the customers’ needs for improved energy efficiency and lowered operating cost, and brings an industry-leading innovative solution with superior performance, enhanced reliability and wide operating envelope. These count for its winning the "Innovation Product Award" at the CRH 2017.

img2-PR050317 Emerson Next Generation 20-25HP Compressor Wins Award of "Innovation Product" at CRH 2017
High efficiency and environment-friendliness. Optimized for refrigerant R410A and with COP as high as 3.37, the enhanced performance of this series enables customers to optimize their systems for best efficiency and applied cost for COP. Meanwhile, the optional enhanced vapor injection (EVI) technology greatly widens the compressor operating envelope and delivers better performance at lower ambient conditions, which enables 20% increase in heating capacity even at -20℃ low ambient environment.
High stability and reliability. The integrated CoreSense™ technology enables multiple functions of diagnostics and protection, real-time communication and data sharing, which could monitor the compressor remotely to prevent and solve the compressor malfunctions timely and effectively, so as to fully enhance the system reliability and guarantee the highly efficient operation.
Low sound level. This series features low sound level to 82dBA, fully meeting the end user demand of low noise operation.

Cargo Solutions Helps Protect Food Quality

Cargo Solutions
Emerson Launches Cargo Solutions in Asia

Cold chain logistics is one of the key factors in safeguarding the quality and safety of food. At the CRH 2017, Emerson launches its Cargo Solutions, further extending its long-time presence and leadership in cold chain management. Cargo Solutions provide temperature and status monitoring for food as well as other temperature-sensitive products, offering a powerful tool for cargo monitoring in cold chain logistics.

In August, 2016, Emerson acquired Locus Traxx and PakSense and formed Cargo Solutions. Cargo Solutions includes a series of loggers and labels, portable and permanent real-time monitoring products, which can be applied throughout the whole food supply chain and can help growers, food processors, shippers, retailers and others to improve temperature controls, product quality and cargo monitoring, thus to safeguard the quality and freshness of food and reduce the waste.

Currently, Emerson is the leading provider of solutions to the world’s leading shipping companies, trucking lines and refrigerated container manufacturers, providing advanced technologies and services to ensure the integrity of cold chain assets. Emerson has launched Cargo Solutions to Asia market in the CRH 2017.

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