Tanmay Tathagat
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Tanmay Tathagat, India

Tanmay Tathagat is a pioneer in energy efficiency designs in India. He has over 15 years of working experience in projects dealing with sustainable development, building energy efficiency and energy efficiency standards and labeling in Asia, Africa and the US.

He has worked with the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) since 2002, leading the development of the S&L program and ECBC. He is the country coordinator for the Collaborative Labeling & Appliance Standards Program (CLASP), which has been supporting the S&L program in India for over 5 years.

Prior to starting work independently, he worked as a senior program manger and energy efficiency specialist for the International Institute for Energy Conservation, a global non-profit organization based in Washington DC, USA.

Mr. Tathagat has also worked for over six years as a Senior Energy Engineer at the Architectural Energy Corporation in San Francisco, USA. He has worked closely with government agencies, manufacturers, and consumer organizations in developing energy efficiency standards and labeling programs for India. He has been responsible for developing the program structure, technical criteria, and implementation plan, working in close coordination with all the stakeholders. He is also active in the regional standards and labeling harmonization efforts in South Asia, and has contributed to several international programs.

Mr. Tathagat has worked with BEE and UNDP in India to develop a GEF program for market transformation for energy efficient refrigeration appliances. He has also contributed to developing a regional GEF program for market transformation in Asia.

He led the Energy Conservation Building Code development as a part of USAID’s ECO-II program and a Global Development Alliance (GDA) Eco-Housing program in India. He has led the development of an international Green building implementation program as an IIEC initiative. His recent experience includes energy efficiency building code development in California, India, Thailand and Vietnam, and conducting energy efficiency trainings for building professionals.

Mr. Tathagat is an acknowledged expert in building energy simulation, and has provided training and assistance to architects, engineers, and facility managers all over the world. He has received the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accreditation from the US Green Buildings Council. He is working closely with the Indian Green Building Council in the development of LEED-India and in supporting LEED certified buildings in the country.


Tanmay Tathagat