Laurentino Punsalan
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Laurentino Punsalan, Philippines

Laurentino Punsalan completed his schooling from the University of the East and completed his graduation from Mapua Institute of Technology in Mechanical Engineering. He specialized in Air-conditioning and Refrigeration systems from the Carrier Training Institute, N.Y. He was employed by The Edward J. Nell Co., a machinery distributor and contracting firm based in Manila from 1956-1962.

He worked for Concepcion Industries from 1962-1974, formed by his former boss Edward J. Nell. He was involved in packaged equipment which covered sales, engineering, and installation of the manufactured packaged air conditioning. He was also the head of the quality control department of the factory prior to his job as the General Manager of the Central Systems Engineering Division.

He started L.R. Punsalan and Associates in mid-1974 and became the principal partner and general manager. This organization provided consultancy services in various mechanical works, mostly HVAC systems, in commercial, institutional, and industrial establishments. Apart from managing operations, the organization has been very much involved in setting up engineering design criteria, guidelines, and design schematics for major projects and those that require more detailed engineering attention.

Since entering the field in 1955, Mr. Punsalan has worked on numerous high-profile projects including Istana, the Sultan of Brunei's palace. He also designed an air-conditioning system for the Citibank Tower in Makati City in Metro Manila, where his system design resulted in savings of 190 tons of refrigeration, representing 50% of the total outside air load. He is also the founding president of the Philippine Society of Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Engineers (PSVARE).

Mr. Punsalan is a life member of ASHRAE for his outstanding achievements in the HVAC&R industry. He was also lauded for his achievements in the field of Mechanical Engineering by the Mapua Institute of Technology.


Laurentino Punsalan