Compressor Related Questions
Compressor Related Questions
How does the Copeland Scroll Digital™ modulate capacity?
Why is there no discharge temperature protection for the fixed compressor in the Digital tandem?
Why is there a check valve on the discharge of the Digital compressor but not in the fixed compressor?
Do you need a check valve in the discharge line?
Why does the Copeland Scroll Digital not require fluid injection to cool the compressor in long pipe system during low capacity stage?
How does the electric current change in the loaded stage and the unloaded stage?
What is the starting system for the Digital Compressor? Is it a soft start?
How about electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) or electromagnetic interference (EMI) issues?
What is the power and current difference between loading and unloading?
What is the life expectancy for our solenoid valve and Copeland Scroll Digital?
What are the various refrigerants that can be used with the Copeland Scroll Digital?
What is the cycle time? Can one use a constant cycle time? Are there any limitations on the cycle time?
Is there an obvious sound difference between loading and unloading? If yes, how do you deal with it?
Is the life of the Copeland Scroll Digital shorter than the standard scroll?