Intelligent Store
Intelligent Store™  

An innovative approach to enterprise facility management, the Intelligent Store® architecture integrates hardware, services and best practices to help retailers make better facility decisions while reducing operational costs.

Emerson's Intelligent Store hardware is engineered for optimal efficiency in performance and energy reduction.  Offerings include a full line of refrigeration system, building, HVAC and lighting controllers, and refrigerant leak detectors.

Emerson's ProAct® Service Center remotely processes, triages and resolves alarms around the clock. Real-time performance assessment provides timely information on energy expenditure, maintenance costs, refrigerant leaks and shrink causes.  Systematic measurement of these cost drivers provides a powerful basis for everyday decision making by allowing retailers to quickly identify opportunities for operational improvement.

ProAct®Best Practices
Emerson's full spectrum of solutions is derived from years of experience optimizing retailers' facilities with customized energy and maintenance initiatives. 
Designed to deliver value in both new and existing stores, the Intelligent Store architecture can help retailers to measure, manage, optimize and sustain operational cost savings across an enterprise.

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