ZW Water Heating Scrolls
Copeland Scroll™ ZW Water Heating

Heat Pump Water Heating (HPWH) is an efficient solution for heating water. It uses vapor compression refrigerant cycle and utilizes naturally available heat from water, ground and even in winter air. It is more energy efficient and consumes nearly one quarter of the electrical energy. Emerson supports water heater manufacturers around the world by providing specifically designed compressors for heating water and refrigerant controls.

Compressor requirement for heat pump water heating can be well described in two aspects:

  • A reliable wide operating range capable to provide hot water even on the cold winter days and hot summer days
  • Enhance the heating capacity to provide better heating capacity

The Copeland Scroll™ ZW compressor is an ideal solution for this requirement. Copeland Scroll has proven its reliability through years of experience. It utilizes a running gear and scroll mechanism with a newly designed efficient high power motor. Vapor injection enhances the heating capacity at the most demanding low winter ambient as high as 40%.

Water heating Copeland Scroll ZW compressors are designed to meet different winter ambient regions in Asia. For tropical regions and moderate winter ambient regions, the compressor is designed without vapor injection. For low winter ambient regions like Central and Northern China, South Korea and Japan, the compressors come with the vapor injection capability. Copeland Scroll ZW compressors are designed to work with R-407C and R-22 refrigerants.